Mo' Creatures 16x

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7,588 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This texture pack down scales all the mobs from the Mo' Creatures mod into a 16x16 resolution to match the regular Minecraft aesthetic. This was done as i felt many of the 32x textures looked too detailed and did not fit into regular Minecraft. Since this is an issue that has bugged me for years and no one had decided to make this kind of texture pack, i took it upon myself to make these changes for my modding experience and now for you!

Experience Fairy horses, Wyverns, SNAILS and everything else in full gorgeous 16x pixels!

I have double checked everything but i may have accidentally deleted a texture when trying to finalise the pack. I may have also completely missed a mob, so if you find something that is in 32x, just let me know. Enjoy!


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