14,589 Downloads Last Updated: May 23, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

A library mod that helps out modders that want to mixin into mods but couldn't as they weren't inherently coremods.


This mod ultimately fixes that by preparing and booting mixin jsons very early, and make sure it is an easy process for modders that use this.


This below should not be needed when using MixinBooter 1.1

NOTE: For those that have Railcraft and Thaumcraft installed, please go through the following steps:

1. Install Bansoukou 2.0

2. Download this and extract into your .minecraft folder: https://anonfiles.com/1fG7n7Bdpd/bansoukou_zip

This had to be done as Railcraft uses a deprecated API and MixinBooter essentially loads all the jars early, Railcraft comes first and the old API gets loaded first into the classpath. The aforementioned uploaded .zip is a patch that patches the Railcraft jar.




To use the mod in your dev environment:


  1. 1. Copy over zone.rong.mixinbooter.MixinLoader.java (annotation class) to your own workspace OR compile MixinBooter as a lib.
  2. 2. Annotate a class with zone.rong.mixinbooter.MixinLoader annotation. Anything in the constructor of this class will be instantiated at the appropriate time.
  3. 3. ???
  4. 4. Mixin Profit.

Note 1: Still load any of your vanilla, forge mixins within your IFMLLoadingPlugin implementation, you can of course throw these into your MixinLoader annotated class, but they may not be transformed accordingly depending on which vanilla/forge classes you mixin.

Note 2: No need to call MixinBootstrap.init() for your modded mixins. At all.


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