Dynamic View

6,158,456 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 2, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

This is a small/light serverside utility mod to help balancing lag(tps) and chunk view/load distance. When the server is not lagging it increases the chunk view distance, once it goes over the given lag threshold it reduces the chunk view distance.


This mod is only required on the server, may add some client functionality in the future.


Checkout my new companion mod for more controlled chunkloading! limited chunkloading





  • Min Chunk view distance
  • Max Chunk view distance
  • Average tick time to balance around
  • Update frequency


Average tick time config details:

The average tick time in the config allows you to determine the target tps.
Tick time = <50 ms = 20 TPS, Tick time = 100 -> 10 TPS, tick time = 200 -> 5 TPS.

1sec = 1000miliseconds = 1000/X = tps