Fluid Drawers

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Fluid Drawers

Do you enjoy making massive centralized voiding drawer banks to store all your stuff? Are you tired of having to configure all your fluid storage apparatus by hand to prevent fluids from going where you don't want them to? Today, we have the technology to make this a problem of the past!

Fluid Drawers is a mod that adds exactly what you think it adds: a storage drawer for fluids! These funky little tanks offer much more flexibility and configurability than your average drum, and at a fraction of the cost!

  • Do you want to stop all that excess oxygen your machines make from flooding your fluid stores? Give it a voiding upgrade and teach it a lesson!
  • Do you have eighty different fluids but don't want to make eighty different storage busses? Slap a drawer controller down and never craft another storage bus again!
  • Do you want to absolutely stuff your base with fluids without compromising on aesthetics? Personalize the all-new Framed Tank™ with your own styles!

With the power of Fluid Drawers, wrangling all your fluids has never been easier!


To play with the Fluid Drawers mod, you'll need the following:

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