Equivalent Energistics Patched


Legal Disclaimer: If you are the original mods developer and you have an issue with this project. Please feel free to msg me on Discord at Nora#2878. I am simply trying to provide a fix for dead and / or discontinued versions of mods and have no intent of trying to damage any mod authors sanity and/or gain monetary value

 from their work


A Patched Version of Equivalent Energistics for 1.12.2


A version of this mod recompiled for newer versions of ProjectE


Quote from Mordenkainen3141 the developer for Equivalent Energistics.

"I have not yet decided what license to apply to this code, so as is listed on Curse, it is currently "All Rights Reserved". I am a firm believer in Open Source, so in the end I am sure that I will settle on a far more permissive license. In the mean time, feel free to look at my code for a "reference" if you wish to duplicate it's functionality. That said, I spent a lot of time trying to find a feature to build a mod around that was often asked for, but that no one had ever provided for my first mod. I did not just cobble together a mod with a bunch of re-hashes of things that had already been done, I wanted to do something fairly original. I can not stop you from duplicating the functionality of this mod, but I ask in good conscience that you give it a chance to live without a bunch of clones popping up all over the place. These mods have been out for quite a while without anyone doing what I have done, and less than a week later someone is asking if they can duplicate the functionality, that is very disheartening at best."


I am taking this into consideration that since the developer is a firm believer in Open Source software but ultimately back in 2015 did not want clones happening all over the place. Now its 2021 and the mod has been abandoned for 3 years. I believe with the power of Open Source software this mod could be recompiled against newer ProjectE versions. All of the code is owned by Mordenkainen3141!


Original Description:

Equivalent Energistics is a bridge mod that adds components enabling you to add autocrafting with Equivalent Exchange 3 and ProjectE EMC to your Applied Energistics 2 autocrafting system.


It adds the following:

  • EMC Crystal, Dense EMC Crystal, Super Dense EMC Crystal - A crystal that stores EMC. The ME autocrafting system will use these crystals in place of EMC in recipes. The EMC Crystals are created using the EMC Condenser, and the others by the crafting system as needed.
  • EMC Condenser - This block, when connected to an ME network, will convert items piped into it into EMC Crystals of an equivalent EMC value. The crystals will then be stored into the ME network. This block requires an ME channel to function and will draw power from the ME network based on the EMC value of items being condensed. If condensing very high EMC value items, make sure your network has the power needed!
  • EMC Assembler - This block functions as both a pattern storage and crafting unit for patterns using EMC. Connect it to your ME network and right click it with a linked "Tome of Alchemical Knowledge" (EE3) or "Alchemical Tome" (ProjectE), and autocrafting for all EMC recipes registered in that Tome will automatically be added to your ME network. Right click with an empty hand to remove the Tome, and all associated patterns. When you research new EMC values into your Tome, patterns for these items will automatically be added. Crafting CPU's/Storage/Co-Processors are still required for autocrafting to work. This block requires a channel to function.
  • Alchemical Tome - This tome stores a copy of all the transmutations you have learned. The transmutations stored in the book are shared between all the books you own, so adding transmutations to any of them adds it to all of them. To "teach" the tome your transmutations, Right-Click in the air with it. You will become the Tomes "owner" and the Tome will have a copy of all your transmutation knowledge, the Tome will be automatically updated with any new transmutations you learn. To clear a Tome of all owners and knowledge, Shift Right-Click it. This item is only available when using ProjectE. And yes, I know it looks like a vanilla book, I am not an artist.


Recipes can be found in NEI, or on the forums/wiki.