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Backups is the ultimate backup mod. It will automatically backup your entire world every 15 minutes (configurable) and stores your backups in a format that takes up very little disk space. You can easily restore a world from ingame with the backups GUI and restore parts of your world with the restore command (requires cheats).

Please post any bugs you find or features you think I should add on the bug tracker. Any private messages to me about this mod will be ignored.



  • Automatic Backups - Your world is automatically backed up every 15 minutes. You can also start a backup yourself by using the command /bm backup. The automatic backup intreval can be changed in the config file.
  • Backups GUI - Clicking on the backups button when you have a world selected will display the backups GUI, which has a list of all backups for that world. The storage size and reason the backup was created are displayed below each backup, and the total storage size is displayed in the top-right.

    Button Key:
    • Restore - Creates a backup of the world and then restores the world from the selected backup.
    • Enter Backup - Loads the selected backup as if it was a world. Anything you do while inside the backup isn't saved.
    • Set Label - Allows you to set a label for the selected backup. Labeled backups won't be trimmed.
    • Clear Label - Clears the label from the selected backup.
    • Delete - Deletes the selected backups. You can shift-click to select multiple backups, or Ctrl-A to select all.
  • Backup Trimming - Old backups are automatically deleted based on the following rules:
    • If a backup is older than a hour, only one backup per hour is kept.
    • If a backup is older than three days, only one backup per day is kept.
    • If a backup is older than a month, only one backup per week is kept.
    Backup trimming can be configured or disabled in the config file.
  • Restore Command - The restore command allows you to restore a section of the world, or a player's inventory from an earlier backup. The command has two modes specifed by the first argument:
    • Blocks Mode: - /bm restore blocks <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <backup>
      Will restore all blocks from x1 y1 z1 to x2 y2 z2 to backup. The backup can be the number of backups ago, or the date and time for a specific backup.
    • Player Mode: - /bm restore player <player> <backup>
      Will restore the inventory of player to backup. The backup can be the number of backups ago, or the date and time for a specific backup.
  • Backup Format - Backups are incremental, which means each backup only contains the data that has changed since the last backup. This greatly decreases the amount of disk space backups take up. Backups are also compressed, which decreases disk size even futher.


Restoring on a server: To restore a backup on a server use the server restore command like this: /bm restoreworld <backup>

Backup can be a date (The same date shown by /bm listbackups) or a number. If it's a number then the nth backup with be used. This command will close the server and then restore the backup. If you can't open the server (if the world's corrupted for example) then you can restore a backup from your computer's command line using the command java -jar <path to mod file> <backup dir> <world dir>. You can find all of the backups directories under backupsmod/<world name>/.


You can also use this batch script made by xJon which will automatically find the most recent backup. Just download it, place it in your server dir, and run it to restore the latest backup.


You can include this mod in any modpacks, as long as you give credit to me.


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