Framed Compacting Drawers

1,784,258 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 10, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This is an addon mod to Storage Drawers that adds frameable versions of the Compacting Drawer, Drawer Controller and Controller Slave. Much like the other framed drawers, the front, sides and trim (or top/bottom, sides and trim for the Controller Slave) can be retextured to any block using the framing table.


Default Recipe



Framing Recipe (1.16.2)

As of the time of writing this, Storage Drawers itself has no Framed Drawers or Framing Table of its own. So how does one frame these drawers then?


Simply use a crafting table and arrange the items as you would for the framing table, like so:

Framing Recipe


Additionally, the original framed drawers will be available in this mod until Storage Drawers adds them back in.


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