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Better Invisibility

Better Invisibility

Every wondered if Invisibility in Minecraft made you truly invisible, and behaved a bit more like traditional video games:

  • No particle effects
  • No weapons or armor showing
  • Mobs and players can’t see you at all

Well, you’ve come to the right mod. Better Invisibility does all this and more, including a proximity sensor that removes the effect if you get too close, or if you attack, the ability to remove particle effects from Mobs, to add a blindness effect to the invisible player to provide additional difficulty, and a powerful in-game Config GUI that allows you to control all of these features and more.

To use:

  • Simply use an Invisibility Potion
  • You can go near mobs, but must Sneak if you are very close
  • If you run into a mob, they may detect you and remove the effect 

Please note:

  • Hiding from mobs should work with most custom mobs.
  • Yes, you can include this mod in modpacks (as long as you don’t charge money, and give credit back to Purplicious_Cow).

This mod is great for PVP and multiplayer, and works well with other mods (if it doesn't let me know in the comments).


To enable the in-game GUI, from the main menu, go Mod Options (or Mods), select Better Invisibility and press Config.

 Config GUI for 1.12 version only