Open Modular Turrets

15,596,012 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 25, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

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Important Stuff

1.10.2 / 1.11.2 / 1.12 builds of OMT require OMLib for their respective Minecraft version. Errors on startup? -> check omlib version, mixing alpha/release versions is a bad idea, read what minecraft tells you. Note that the 1.10 versions of the mod also work with 1.11 Minecraft. 1.7.10 is NOT SUPPORTED anymore.

Open Modular Passive Defence can be found here.

You can join our Discord Server here, please note the pinned messaged in #news, we had spammers, so we disabled the permission for new users to write in all channels except #spam.

Join our discord and request the Tester role by typing "!rr" in #spam. We will ping all the signed testers whenever we update our mods. We also have a test server where you can play with prerelease versions to test them.

For Modpack Creators: You are free to put this mod and its companion mods in any modpack. It'd be nice of you if you let us know via a small message on curseforge or in our discord.

Grab the latest stable releases from this project page, and the dev builds from here: Dev-Builds


We need Coders for our mods. If you are interested write Keridos a message or on our Discord and ping @Keridos there.

Update 4.0.x (in planning, for 1.12/1.14):

  • Add: multiblock bases
  • Add: 5 new turrets, for details see our roadmap
  • Add: new targeting system for turrets (WIP)
  • Add: Valkyrien Warfare compatability (WIP)
  • Add: Securicraft compatability (WIP)
  • Add: config list for forcing entities to be regarded as hostile/neutral (WIP)
  • Add: 3 more targeting related OC+CC functions (WIP)
  • Change: some turrets/addons will need certain size/features of multiblock base
  • Change: some turrets functionality might be reworked bit
  • Change: completely revamp upgrade system (instead of icons, use blocks in multiblock)

Update 3.1.0 (released, only for 1.12.2):

  • Add: Turrets honor team settings. (done)
  • Add: Limits for how many turrets at one base (done)
  • Add: Mod based recipes for addons/upgrades (done)
  • Add: Config option for concealment without addon (done)
  • Add: Upgrades can be configured per turret now (done)
  • Add: Camo now supports most chisel blocks and even some transparent ones (done)
  • Add: Higher tier bases can now emit light and be transparent to light (done)
  • Change: Railgun damage now scales based on targets armor (done)
  • Change: Railgun rendering update (done)
  • Change: Small GUI updates (done)
  • Change: New GUI for trusted players (done)
  • Change: reworked the trusted player system (done)
  • Change: new expander textures (by Austin5003) (done)
  • Change: Laser rework (more realistic effects/behaviour) (done)