Open Modular Turrets

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Important Stuff

1.10.2 / 1.11.2 / 1.12 builds of OMT require OMLib for their respective Minecraft version. Note that the 1.10 versions of the mod also work with 1.11 Minecraft. 1.7.10 is NOT SUPPORTED anymore, 1.10/1.11 will receive limited support.

Open Modular Passive Defence can be found here.

You can join our Discord Server here, please note the pinned messaged in #news, we had spammers, so we disabled the permission for new users to write in all channels except #spam.

Join our discord and request the Tester role by typing "!rr" in #spam. We will ping all the signed testers whenever we update our mods. We also have a test server where you can play with prerelease versions to test them.

For Modpack Creators: You are free to put this mod and its companion mods in any modpack. It'd be nice of you if you let us know via a small message on curseforge or in our discord.

Grab the latest stable releases from this project page, and the dev builds from here: Dev-Builds


We need Coders for our mods. If you are interested write Keridos a message or on our Discord and ping @Keridos there.

Update 4.0.x (in planning, for 1.12/1.14):

  • Add: multiblock bases
  • Add: 5 new turrets, for details see our roadmap
  • Add: new targeting system for turrets (WIP)
  • Add: Valkyrien Warfare compatability (WIP)
  • Add: Securicraft compatability (WIP)
  • Add: config list for forcing entities to be regarded as hostile/neutral (WIP)
  • Add: 3 more targeting related OC+CC functions (WIP)
  • Change: some turrets/addons will need certain size/features of multiblock base
  • Change: some turrets functionality might be reworked bit
  • Change: completely revamp upgrade system (instead of icons, use blocks in multiblock)

Update 3.1.0 (released, only for 1.12.2):

  • Add: Turrets honor team settings. (done)
  • Add: Limits for how many turrets at one base (done)
  • Add: Mod based recipes for addons/upgrades (done)
  • Add: Config option for concealment without addon (done)
  • Add: Upgrades can be configured per turret now (done)
  • Add: Camo now supports most chisel blocks and even some transparent ones (done)
  • Add: Higher tier bases can now emit light and be transparent to light (done)
  • Change: Railgun damage now scales based on targets armor (done)
  • Change: Railgun rendering update (done)
  • Change: Small GUI updates (done)
  • Change: New GUI for trusted players (done)
  • Change: reworked the trusted player system (done)
  • Change: new expander textures (by Austin5003) (done)
  • Change: Laser rework (more realistic effects/behaviour) (done)