This mod requires MixinBootstrap and RenderLib to run!
Mixin 0.7-0.8 Compatibility might be helpful when another mod uses an older mixin version and you are thus unable to launch the game.

Nothirium is a client-side only mod that changes Minecraft's chunk rendering engine to use modern OpenGL which greatly increases performance. This mod is similar to Sodium but this is not a port of Sodium.

Full Incompatibilities
- FarPlane2
- LittleTiles
- Albedo
- Colored Lux

Partial Incompatibilities
- Optifine: Make sure that 'Smart Animations' is disabled in the graphics settings. Also custom block render layer from Optifine won't work with Nothirium.
- VanillaFix: Make sure that 'textureFixes' is disabled in the VanillaFix config.
- CensoredASM: Make sure that 'onDemandAnimatedTextures' is disabled in the CensoredASM/LoliASM config.