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A Small Companion mod for Robotic Parts/Cyberware to add in new Augments and Cyberpunk styled features.


  • Augments
    • Cybernetic Stomach
      • Allows you to eat Cyborg Food, Increases nutritional value of Food
    • Dynamic Ender RePositioning System
      • Negates fall damage using Internal Energy
    • Projected Kinetic Barrier
      • Stops Incoming Projectiles at the cost of power
    • Thermoptic Camouflage
      • Grants Invisibility when active
    • Plasteel Fist
      • Increases Unarmed Mining Speed and Harvest Level more than the Reinforced Fist
    • Ender Convergence Device
      • Teleports Items to the Player through an Ender Rift (Item Magnet)
    • Rail Riders
      • Ride Minecart Tracks with your feet
    • AEGIS Defense Matrix
      • Gives a Stacking Bonus to Armor when Activated, high drain.
  • Items
    • Cyborg Food
      • Power Bar
      • Silver Gorgon
    • Riot Shields
      • Polymer, Carbon, and Plasteel Tiers drops from Cyberskeletons
  • Blocks
    • Electrochromatic Glass
      • Transparent by default. When given a redstone signal connected blocks turn opaque and blockout light.
  • Entities
    • Cyberskeleton
      • The Skeletal Cousin of the Cyberzombie
      • Drops augments
      • Cybereye Glows in the Dark. You are not safe.
      • Only Source of Riot Shields
    • Runner  Villager
      • Trades for Cyberware and various paraphernalia 


Thanks to SeriousCreeper for the Brain!


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