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Trinity is an addon for NuclearCraft that adds various nuclear bombs to the game, as well as semi-realistic ways of crafting them.


Important notes:

- ICBM (if installed) must be newer than 1.12.2-4.0.1b74-UNSTABLE build 75 or the game will crash.

- With the exception of 0.4.c, versions 0.4.0 and above are made to work with Nuclearcraft: Overhauled and will not run on pre-overhaul Nuclearcraft!
- Versions 0.4.b and above require NC: Overhauled version 2o.1.2 or above and will not run on earlier versions, again with the exception of 0.4.c.


- Versions 0.3.b and below are made to work with pre-overhaul Nuclearcraft, and will not run on Nuclearcraft: Overhauled!




- ICBM integration: ICBM's nuclear missiles and explosives will trigger a Trinity nuclear explosion instead of ICBM's nuclear explosion.


- 18 different nuclear bombs made from nine different fissile isotopes.


- Two different redstone-activated conventional explosives, both of which are used to craft nuclear bombs.


- Salted bombs, which leave behind extremely high radiation levels.


- Dirty bombs, seemingly innocent looking TNT blocks with a radioactive surprise.


- Antimatter bombs: All of the explosive power of a nuclear bomb, but without the radioactivity! Currently has no crafting recipe.


- Thermonuclear bombs, multiblock bombs with varying explosion effects based on what blocks are used in their construction.


- Custom bombs (disabled by default): Four standard fission bombs and four salted fission bombs with no crafting recipe by default, meant for use in modpacks where recipes can be added via CraftTweaker


- Semi-realistic crafting recipes including subcritical isotope spheres, compression charges, and several chemical recipes.


- Bombs have tooltips indicating the size of the crater, as well as the size of the radioactive wasteland that is created around it.


- A remote detonator that can be used to detonate bombs from relatively safe distances (more than 2x the crater radius).


- Special radioactive deposits left behind after the explosion such as trinitite, and highly radioactive sand and soil from salted bombs.


- Full configurability for blast size and fallout radius.


How to build a thermonuclear bomb:

Step 1: Place down any nuclear bomb. Note that the larger the blast radius, the larger the blast radius of the thermonuclear bomb will be.

Step 2: Place a column of three thermonuclear bomb cores above the nuclear bomb. They must all be vertically aligned, so that the plutonium rods within them connect.

Step 3: Surround the thermonuclear cores with a "tamper" made of reflective, fissionable, or salting blocks. Reflective blocks are effectively inert, and only increase the explosion power by a little bit. Fissionable blocks greatly amplify the explosion. Salting blocks will absorb some of the explosion's energy, and convert it into extremely radioactive fallout.

Step 4: Link the nuclear detonator to the nuclear bomb and detonate it. If the above steps were done correctly, you should have a very large thermonuclear explosion take place.



Future plans:



- Exotic bombs that break spacetime itself to various degrees.

- New fallout system and global contamination.



- HBM for the explosion algorithm and the mushroom cloud model

- Zalgo for the nuclear pig models