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Singularities returns a feature that was once directly part of Avaritia - and makes it standalone.  A singularity is simply a crafting ingredient composed of multiples of a single item.  With singularities, you can add any number of singularities and recipes instead of needing multiple addon mods to add new singularities, as was the case before.  Also, there are a few changes.  First off, the compressor no longer has a GUI.  Inputs are obtained from nearby items on the ground (or by pipe, if enabled), and outputs will spawn above the compressor.

New singularities and recipes can be added directly via the config file.  Recipes can be seen in JEI.


Avaritia Compat

As of version 2.0.0, Singularities will copy recipes to the Avaritia compressor, allowing this mod to be used to provide singularities for Avaritia.  There is also a config to disable and hide the Singularities compressor from JEI, if the intention is strictly for compat with Avaritia.  Singularities will also attempt to copy all recipes from Avaritia's compressor to it's own.  

Additionally, Singularities will adjust the Infinity Catalyst recipe, replacing all singularities with oredict references (singularityX instead of an item reference), adding all singularities from Singularities to the recipe as well.  This will automatically add every singularity, so adding uncraftable singularities will render the catalyst uncraftable unless the recipe is manually adjusted. 

All of these features can be configured.  Manually modifying the infinity catalyst recipe via crafttweaker will disable the automatic addition of singularities regardless of the config.



Crafting a Singularity:


The compressor will display which singularity it is crafting, and how far you are to completing that singularity above it.  Once finished, it will reset to the "Idle" state, and be ready for new crafting.  The singularity shown is iron, and the color of the progress bar depends on the singularity.





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