Avaritia Recipe Generator

183,511 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a pretty simple mod that makes creating custom recipes for CraftTweaker easier. The mod currently supports the Avaritia 9x9 "Dire Crafting Bench" and the vanilla crafting table. It adds two blocks, the Avaritia Recipe Factory and the Vanilla Recipe Factory. Simply put the desired inputs and outputs in the proper slots and click the button on the right. A text file will be generated in your game base directory that contains all of the scripts that you generate. Simply copy the contents of this file into your CraftTweaker scripts file, replace the Avaritia recipe names with unique strings (will be in GUI soon), and reload your world. Included with each script is a recipe remover, so if you want to keep the old recipe as well simply remove that line. 


In regards to the recipe factories, I know the textures aren't great... I created this mod at the request of one user in under a day. I figured I might as well put it out here and if it's something that other pack creators start using more frequently I will create real textures for the blocks and add support for more recipe types.



  • Do blocks/items with metadata like wool work: Yes, unless the mod dev did something they shouldn't have...
  • Do I need Avaritia to use this? I only want it for vanilla recipes!: No. Just don't make any Avaritia recipes and you shouldn't have a problem. 

Coming Soon:

  • NBT support
  • Ability to edit scripts
  • Automatically place scripts in the proper folder
  • Extended Crafting support
  • Mod Rename
  • More control over creating "groups" of recipes, rather than the current one remove to one add setup
  • GitHub repository


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