Create: Above and Beyond




Create: Above and Beyond adds a variety of mods and compiles them into an epic technological journey toward space travel.

About fifty inventions lie between you and the moon. Thousands of components will flow into and through the ever-growing sequence of your machines, providing the means to explore the next level of technology.

Your entire factory will be put to a test as final products flow into the Data Centre, programming the Guidance computer of your Spaceship. Every step of the way is different, some may even differ depending on the generation seed of your World.

Tired of the grind? Fund the operation with coin provided either from various errands, or your chosen professions. Automatically ship produce from your farms or gather other players to aid you in your mission. Then you can purchase all manner of resources, artifacts and building blocks from the market.





Discover new Challenges

After a slow but ambitious early game, the pace accelerates rapidly as the first main components are fully automated.

A tangled web of conveyors, mixing and washing for crystals, controlled explosions, chromatic colour shifting, firing lasers at minecarts, crunching numbers, and other unconventional new automation tasks await you along the journey.

As bonus content, alchemical research and transmutation can lead you to the secret recipes unique to your world's generator seed!




Trade and Specialise

A varied selection of items able to be sold or purchased make for quite a significant game-changer in this pack.

Taking on a profession or running errands will earn you coins to spend on resources you'd prefer not to grind for instead. The trading feature set can be accessed via the questing interface, and even allows for sophisticated automation.




The Extra Mile

This Modpack introduces quite a large amount of exclusive blocks, items and fluids, as well as custom scripts for new interactions between machines or materials.

Additionally, some mods have been given a different look to modify their role and feel in the overall experience. Namely:

For seamless integration, custom assets that have been created for both revised and additional content contain palettes and styles of other mods included in the pack. Namely:

Full credit goes to all art teams involved in the projects above.



Special Thanks

  • Jozufozu: pack name
  • Daniel Amberson: pack logo
  • Kryppers: title graphic, trailer editing
  • LeastReality: trailer editing
  • D'Arcy Olla: structures, playtesting
  • evanthebruce: structures
  • Lat & Max: KubeJS support
  • Zelophed: AE2 support
  • Direwolf20: easter egg
  • Vexxel: texture for broken stone




As far my testing went, Optifine seems to be compatible with the mods in this pack. You can add it as an improvement to the in-game framerate at the cost of a much longer startup time.

If you are using a shaderpack and the sky starts flickering, I recommend setting PlanetSkyOverride to false inside config/advancedRocketry.toml. Use Optifine & Shaders at your own risk. When compatibility issues arise, there is no garantuee that we will be able to help you.



Full list of Included Mods