Randomium Ore

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Randomium is a simple mod that adds a new fun ore called Randomium



  • Randomium is an unstable element and when broken, with a iron pick or above, will morph into a random Minecraft item.
  • If you are lucky (literally since it also depends on your luck and fortune level) you will also be able to find randomium crystals.
  • These are extremely rare items that haven't morphed into loot yet and instead allow the player to choose what item to morph them into. To do so simply craft them in a crafting table with any item of your choice.
  • Getting such loot won't be straight forward though: randomium is a very shy block and will often decide to move when you try to break it or outright teleport away from you.


Note: Before you try anything smart you cannot duplicate anything that contains items and more specifically another randomium crystal. This includes stuff like shulker boxes, backbacks and other item inventories and prevents infinite duping. Most inventories from most mods are automatically detected and if they even were to slip away they can never be duplicated if they contain a randomium crystal since if they contain the word randomium:randomium anywhere in their nbt they are automatically blacklisted


You'll be able to find it pretty much everywhere in the overworld.


The mod is very configurable and you can do so via the provided configs and tags (through the use of a datapack)

Specifically randomium:blacklist disables all contained items from getting dropped & duped by randomium



Future plans:

- Randomium block, a very pretty decorative block with a very interesting mechanic and animation tied to it


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