Ore Tweaker

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Ore Tweaker is a super lightweight utility mod that allows you to customize and tweak the underground generation in Minecraft. The mod can be both installed on a server or a client.

 I strongly recommend using World Stripper to debug and test your ore generation when using this mod

Ore Tweaker

As of May 5, 2021 - Ore Tweaker 2.x.x is the only supported version of Ore Tweaker.

Ore Tweaker was rebuilt from the ground up to create a improved user experience, make the mod easier to use and support modern versions of Minecraft.

Due to changes to world generation after Minecraft 1.12 and a huge Forge rewrite I decided to start all over again and develop a sequel from scratch.

The new version of the mod has a ton of new features listed below and non of those features will be backported. The mod also now uses a JSON file to configure the world generation.

🔴Server Sided
⚪️JSON file config
🟢Generated templates
🔵Works with most modded ores 
🟤Extensive support for popular mods by request


Example of how the OreTweaker.json can be configured:

  • "ore" - The registry name of the block to generate. Can found by pressing F3 + H and hover over in inventory
  • "filler" - What block to replace with the "ore", usually stone or nether rack
  • "minY" - Minimum Y-Level ore can spawn above
  • "maxY" - Maximum Y-Level ore can spawn below
  • "maxVeinSize" - Maximum size of ore vein
  • "spawnRate" - How many attempts at generating the ore per chunk
  • "biomeBlacklist" - List of forbidden biome names where the ore cannot generate [Choose either blacklist or whitelist or none of them]
  • "biomeWhitelist" - List of allowed biome names where the ore can generate [Prioritized above blacklist]


Check out the detailed Ore-Tweaker wiki at https://github.com/EwyBoy/OreTweaker/wiki for more information.



  • 1.7 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.8 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.9 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.10 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.11 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.12 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.16 [Ore Tweaker 2.x.x] [Fully Supported]
  • 1.17[Ore Tweaker 2.x.x] [Fully Supported]

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You has my permission to use this mod in any private & publicly distributed modpack whatsoever.

Live development: 
The mod is being developed live at my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/ewyboy 

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