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Ore Tweaker


Ore Tweaker is a super lightweight utility mod that allows you to customize and tweak the underground generation in Minecraft. The mod can be both installed on a server or a client.

 I strongly recommend using World Stripper to debug and test your ore generation when using this mod

Ore Tweaker

A Wiki for Ore Tweaker 3 is being worked on right now. For more help ask on Discord.

As of May 5, 2021 - Ore Tweaker 2.x.x and 3.x.x is the only supported versions of Ore Tweaker.

Ore Tweaker was rebuilt from the ground up to create a improved user experience, make the mod easier to use and support modern versions of Minecraft.

Due to changes to world generation after Minecraft 1.12 and a huge Forge rewrite I decided to start all over again and develop a sequel from scratch.

The new version of the mod has a ton of new features listed below and non of those features will be backported. The mod also now uses JSON files to configure the world generation.

🔴Server Sided
⚪️JSON file config
🟢Generated templates
🔵Works with most modded ores 
🟤Extensive support for popular mods by request


Example of how the OreTweaker data files can be configured:

  • "ore" - The registry name of the block to generate. Can found by pressing F3 + H and hover over in inventory
  • "filler" - What block to replace with the "ore", usually stone or nether rack
  • "minY" - Minimum Y-Level ore can spawn above
  • "maxY" - Maximum Y-Level ore can spawn below
  • "maxVeinSize" - Maximum size of ore vein
  • "spawnRate" - How many attempts at generating the ore per chunk
  • "biomeBlacklist" - List of forbidden biome names where the ore cannot generate [Choose either blacklist or whitelist or none of them]
  • "biomeWhitelist" - List of allowed biome names where the ore can generate [Prioritized above blacklist]


Check out the detailed Ore-Tweaker wiki at for more information.



Contain blog posts, announcements and important information posted by me.


Contain general discussions about Ore Tweaker posted by the community.


Contain ideas and feature requests topics for Ore Tweaker, here you can post and discuss different proposals for new features.


Contain polls about new features and decisions. Vote to have a saying in the future of the development of the mod.

🤔[Help Wanted!]

Contain questions about the mod asked by the community.

🙌[Show & Tell]

Contain showcases of anything awesome made by the community. Share your creations, data files and modpacks here!




  • 1.7   (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.8   (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.9   (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.10 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.11 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.12 (Uses old system) [Unsupported]
  • 1.16 [Ore Tweaker 2.x.x] [Supported]
  • 1.17 [Ore Tweaker 2.x.x] [Supported]
  • 1.18 [Ore Tweaker 3.x.x] [Fully Supported]

Want to do a mod spotlight? 
Just send me a link to it afterwards and I put it up here at the modpage! 

You has my permission to use this mod in any private & publicly distributed modpack whatsoever.

Live development: 
The mod is being developed live at my twitch channel: 

You can find me on twitter: