Structures' Compass

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Structures' Compass

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Structures' Compass a Minecraft Forge mod allows player to quickly locate a specific structure.

This mod is inspired by Nature's Compass, and part of our code is from their mod.


  • Sneak + right click with the compass in hand to open the searching GUI.
  • Search structure's name directly
  • Search structure's source by starting with '@'
  • Search structure's available dimensions by starting with '#'
  • Right click to search the selected structure again.
  • When the compass is not pointing at a structure, or the structure is in another dimension, it will point at random position, just like the normal compass in the Nether or the End.
  • The compass supports all registered structures (vanilla and modded).


GUI The GUI for searing structures

HUD The HUD for displaying the information of a found structure



4 of any dead coral at 4 corners, 4 of mossy stone bricks at 4 edges and 1 compass at the center

We think the compass is too op, so we increase the crafting difficulty to balance it.

In version 1.1.0, you can change the configuration to use iron bars instead of dead corals.

Further Development

We're too busy to develop, so we just list some possibilities

  • Port to another version like 1.12.2
  • Port to Fabric


Structures and dimensions don't have localized names by default. If you see something like structure.[modid].[name] in the GUI or HUD, that essentially means there is not localized name for it. If you would like to add translations, create corresponding JSON files under resources/assets/[modid]/lang/ and send Pull requests to us on GitHub. We've put zh_cn translations of structures and dimensions in vanilla Minecraft there as a template, and your translations should also follow the same style. json { "dimension.minecraft.overworld": "Overworld", "structure.minecraft.bastion_remnant": "Bastion Remnant" }


As stated in the introduction, part of our code is from Nature's Compass, which is under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and we've annotated it in the doc string. Because CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 is not a software license, we choose GNU General Public License 3.0 for other parts of the code to discourage commercial usage.


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