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Raven Coffee is a mod revolving around coffee, coffee shops, and food.

A summary of what the mod adds:

  • 18 Coffee Brews (potion-like items)
    • Sized cups (This change a bit the effects of the coffee brews)
    • Basic Coffee Machine
    • A sack block (For storage)
    • Sandwitches
    • Sweet Bread
    • Coffee Ingots & Tools
    • Growable Coffee Tree
    • Some new items & blocks


This project requires the Raven Brews Core to also be in your mods folder (CurseForge should automatically download it)


If you like what I do and would like to support me so I can buy games, you can donate to my paypal on the "About project" tab


For more detailed features please review the content below.






You want more?

That not enough?




Eons ago, the ancient civilizations of our favorite blocky world coexisted with the humble coffee tree, a simple and small plant, smol and cute in comparison to all the other trees in the wilderness.

One fateful day the ancient dunes dwellers witnessed how a thunder stuck one of these trees, burning it, roasting the beans inside the coffee cherry.

The dwellers smelled the bitter and delicious smell of roasted coffee, they took the beans, grinded them and prepared a potion with it, this was the beginning of an era.

Soon, coffee expanded throughout the minecraft world and became part of one's day. Eventually these civilizations would discover the true power and mysterious origins of the coffee.

Unfortunately this knowledge would disappear alongside these civilizations.




the mod is now available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese - Translation provided by SlumberPenguin
  • Spanish


The coffee tree:

You can find these trees spread in the Jungle and Savanna biomes.

Savanna villages have a liking for these trees so you might find them there

If you break the top part of the tree (the leaves) you will successfully have harvested a handful of coffee!

After breaking the leaves the tree trunk will keep on growing again until it generates the coffee cherries again.


To plant a coffee tree again just grab the coffee cherries and right click a grass block with some coffee cherries on your hand. The tree trunk will grow first, then, from that trunk the leaves block will start to grow.








Cups serve as the base for all coffee blends and they act similar to potion bottles, once you drink the potion you'll get the cup you just used.

Small Cup:

Medium Cup:

Coffee Mug:

Large Cup:


You can also place and stack cups (up to 9) for decoration/storage:

Stacked Coffee Cups


Coffee Blends:

Coffee Blends can give you boosts and certain effects for a short amount of time.

The Basics:

First you'll need to get ground coffee, here are the recipes:

Get the Coffee Beans:


Roast'em beans:


Ground the Coffee:

By hand...


...or using the coffee grinder


Coffee Grinder: 


Coffee Machine:

The Coffee Machine is a block that will process your ground coffee into a brew.


The machine will need a coffee cup and some ground coffee to brew, the amount of coffee depends on the cup size


1 for the small cups


2 for the medium sizes


and 3 for the large ones


The machine will automatically brew coffee unless it is given a redstone signal


Plus, you can use hoppers to take out coffee, the cups and to the brews


Brews Recipes:





Besides normal bread you can craft now a bagel and a croissant.


If you combine one of either these or normal bread with one of either the steak, uncooked porkchop or cooked chicken you'll get a sandwich.




Pastries and Bakery:


...and you can make a BIG Brownie (block)

and yes, you can eat this block, but you will get stuffed





...like popcorn...get it?

I know this has no bread but it would feel lonely in its own category so I'm leaving it here


Melon Pan:

Rosca de Reyes:

This is a typical mexican dish, basically a BIG bagel with some fruit and a couple of dolls inside the bread, this one doesn't contain many dolls inside, but if you're lucky enough you might get something inside the slice you eat.

And just like the minecraft cake you eat it by right clicking it.



You can grab pieces and put them back into the tiramisu block


Now, I have a couple of notes for this one since the muffin doesn't work like any other food, you can actually throw this one, like a snowball.

To eat the muffin you must be looking at the ground or a wall, just any block's hitbox really.

If you are looking at a mob or just into the distance you can throw the muffin.

When the muffin hits a player (even you), said player will eat the muffin, if the player is full, they'll take damage.

If the muffin hit an animal they'll also eat the muffin, prompting them to mate, and if the muffin is eaten by a sheared sheep, they'll also regrow their wool.


Tools and misc:

Sack Block:

Storage block where you can only place one type of item. If you right click the top of the block with an item in your hand you will automatically store it on the block and if you right click the top with an empty hand the block will drop 1 of its stored items

Roasted Coffee Block:

You can decraft this block, you'll get the coffee beans back but not the slime.


Magma Coffee Block:

This block will burn on touch just like magma but this block will make you run like crazy.



Magma Coffee Beans:

These coffee beans don't really have use yet beyond making magma coffee blocks.


Coffee Plates:


Coffee Ingot:

Upgrade them like Netherite tools with iron tools.

These tools have a bit more punch than the regular iron tools but not as much as the diamond ones.


Coffee Shops:

You can find Coffee shops on Villages:

In these Coffee Shops you might be able to find Baristas:

They will offer you a wide range of coffee items, starting with the cups for your coffee of course.



  • The mod was created by me, The Wanderer Raven
  • Chinese translation provided by SlumberPenguin


If you've read up until this part, first of, thank you, secondly, I'm accepting complaints and suggestions on the comments, I still have ideas for this mod but if you want to share something with me I'd be happy to read what you have to say.