Twenty Leagues Under The Seas

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A tale of mermen told from your point of view. Enter a world of water! Longing to explore it like those who can walk on land. How will you survive? What will you do? Which domain will you master the water or the land?


This packs features: You're a Fish now which forces you to spawn in water on first join, and requires you to breathe water to not suffocate. Breathing straight air causes suffocation.


Note: Stacks are reduced to encourage lesser used mechanics of the game.


"Logistical mining"
[5:16 PM]
"By default this mod reduces the maximum stack size of most items to 16. Ores and raw materials are reduced to 1. The purpose is to increase item logistical difficulty, and force players to use neglected aspects of the game. Rail lines will need to be constructed to mines to send ore back to your base for processing and storage. Or take advantage of llamas and donkeys to help transport materials."


Don't forget to activate your cat eyes so you can see clearly in the depths of the waters! 


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