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Songs of War

This is a fan project of the in my opinion best Minecraft series existing :)

All assets are from the creators and all credits go to them.

If you haven't heard about it or never checked it out here is a link:



This mod adds weapon from the series to Minecraft.



- Double handed axe: basic sweeping damage + blocking

- Longsword: blocking

- Dagger: extra damage while sneaking/invisible

- Healing Staff: heals player itself and creates aura for support

- Lance: extra damage while riding

- Mace: chance of applying weakness to enemy




This mod is developed for Fabric.

There are no plans to develop a Forge version. 


Modpack Permission:

Feel free to use it in any modpacks



Bug Report:

Just report bugs at the github page


I love to hear what you think about my mod, so just leave a comment here!

Thank you.



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