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Workings is a construction themed mod made for the Fabric mod loader for ModFest 1.17. It adds 22 blocks and 2 items, with survival friendly recipes. All of the files work in both 1.17 and 1.17.1.

Here is an overview of the mod:



Decorative metal blocks which come in iron and copper variations. They cannot be used as a beacon base.

Block of Iron PipesBlock of copper pipes

They are crafted with pipes, which function as lightning rods:

Iron and Copper Pipes

Here are the recipes:
Pipe Recipes

Both block recipes are shapeless and can have the pipes arranged in any order.


I have also created an optional resource pack for the pipes, that makes them see-through:

Pipes, before and after resource pack

The pipe models provided in the resource pack are on the right. Here is the link:




Decorative Highway barriers that function like fences.

Highway BarrierJersey Wall

Here are the recipes:

Highway Barriers Recipes

The Jersey Wall can also be crafted in a stonecutter, one Pavement block to one Jersey Wall.




Here are the recipes:

Cone Recipes


Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights are based on the direction of the player placing them. They can be toggled by redstone.

Light switching by redstone

Automatic Traffic Lights are also based on the player direction. Their speed can be changed by feeding them sugar or fermented spider eyes. Each click adds or subtracts 20% of the current speed, for a total of nine speed combinations.

Giving an Automatic Traffic Light a redstone signal will freeze it in place.

Changing traffic light speed gif

Here are the recipes for the Traffic Light:

Traffic Light Recipes

 Lime dye and candles can be substituted for green dye and candles, respectively. Traffic Lights can also be crafted with an Automatic Traffic Light and three coal, shapeless.

Here is the recipe for Automatic Traffic Lights:

Automatic Traffic Light Recipe

Green dye can be substituted for lime dye. Automatic Traffic Lights can also be crafted with a Traffic light and three redstone, shapeless.



Decorative road signs.

Road SignsHere are the recipes for the signs:
Sign crafting recipes

Wool can be substituted for concrete or terracotta. Any shovel and any banner work for the Shovel Diamond Sign and Flag Diamond Sign, respectively.



Block of sticks are decorative blocks that have a burn time of 3000.

Block of sticks

Pallets are just decorative blocks for now:


Block of Pavement and Block of Asphalt. Pavement is used to craft Jersey Walls and Highway Barriers. Asphalt will give players and mobs Speed II when standing on.

block of pavement and block of asphalt

Here are the recipes:
Crafting recipes for Block of Sticks and Pavement

Sand can be substituted for Red Sand, and Cobblestone can be substituted for Blackstone or Cobbled Deepslate.



Bundle of Sticks

Bundle of sticks

Bundles of Sticks are a crafting ingredient for Blocks of Sticks. They have a burn time of 1000 and can be used to bulk craft torches.


Copper Nugget

Copper Nugget

Copper Nuggets are a crafting ingredient used to make pipes. Once Copper ingot is nine Copper Nuggets. Copper Nuggets can also be made by smelting down any Vanilla or Workings' Copper blocks or items. New in 1.0.6, Copper Nuggets now use fabric tags, for mod compatibility


Known Issues

  • The Highway Barrier texture has some Z-fighting if connected to both the X and Z axis at the same time.
  • Asphalt is creative-only for now. I haven't decided what recipe to give it yet. New in 1.0.2, Asphalt has a recipe and gives Speed II effect when standing on.
  • Pallets have no drops, I am unable to get the loottable to accept multiple blockstates (PR's welcome!) Fixed in 1.0.5.




Only download my mods from CurseForge, Github, or Modrinth. Any other site can host a file that is not vetted by me.


Be sure to check out my other mods, Teeny Coal and Stacker!


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