Inventory Sorting

12,947 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 18, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

Inventory Sorting

Quick, simple, and lightweight Inventory sorter built for Fabric


Simply click the "Sort" button, use the key bind, or middle click in a supported inventory to sort. Activation methods, as well as method for sorting(by name,category, or mod) is configurable. Mod Menu for editing the config is supported.


Tired of a messy inventory?





Inventory Sorting is required to be installed on the server as well. Unfortunately this prevents you from sorting inventories on a server that do not have the mod installed. Having a server component allows the sorting to be smoother and better on the network/server. When initiating the sort, your client simply tells the server to sort the inventory you're using, rather than your client spamming the server manually moving the items around.


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