Inventory Sorting

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Inventory Sorting

Quick, simple, and lightweight Inventory sorter built for Fabric


Ways to sort an inventory:

  • Clicking the appropriate sort button
  • Using the keybind
  • *Middle clicking an empty slot
  • *Double clicking an empty slot
  • */sort or /sortme command

*works server-side only with vanilla clients!


You can edit the config in game using the mod Mod Menu or by manually editing the config file.

Vanilla clients can use the /invSort command to edit the config as well.


Inventories can now be blacklisted in game(as of 1.8.2). Hold left control and press the sort button in an inventory. Or use the /invsort blacklist cmd. OP is required.

Features two types of blacklists :

  • Do Not Sort - This inventory is not sortable and a button will not be displayed, but your inventory can.
  • Hide Buttons - Both the opened inventory and your inventory cannot be sorted, buttons will not be displayed for either.



Tired of a messy inventory?





Inventory Sorting is required to be installed on the server as well. Unfortunately this prevents you from sorting inventories on a server that do not have the mod installed. Having a server component allows the sorting to be smoother and better on the network/server. When initiating the sort, your client simply tells the server to sort the inventory you're using, rather than your client spamming the server manually moving the items around.


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