In-Game Account Switcher

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jul 12, 2015

Owner: The_Fireplace

I am no longer maintaining this mod. If anyone would like to continue it, let me know.


In-Game Account Switcher allows you to change which account you are logged in to in-game, without having to restart Minecraft.


Now with Custom Main Menu support(As of version! Just add the following to buttons in the CMM config, for the main menu only:

"text" : "",
"posX" : 104,
"posY" : 96,
"width" : 20,
"height" : 20,
"wrappedButton" : 20,
"texture" : "accswitcher:textures/gui/cmmbutton.png",
"pressSound" : "",
"tooltip" : "You are currently logged in as #username#."


Main Menu with the button

Account Selection Screen

Other Locations:
In-Game Account Switcher on Planet Minecraft



Feel free to contact me with feature requests, requests for ports to different Minecraft versions, and just general questions about the mod.

If you have a bug or crash to report, please use the issue tracker. If it is anything else, here are other ways to contact me.


Minecraft Forum



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