Cave Biomes



Cave Biomes is a fabric mod that adds over 25 new cave biomes to enrich your minecraft experience! Explore brand new cave variants that pose new challenges and have many rewards!



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How the biomes spawn

In Cave Biomes, the overworld is split into 2 layers, with layer 1 being from any cave above or at y29, and layer 2 being caves from y28 to y0. Cave biomes in layer 1 mimic the overworld biome above them. For example, caves in jungles are filled with vines, and caves in deserts have patches of sand. Layer 2 cave biomes on the other hand, do not follow existing overworld biomes and instead are their own, unique biomes.


Biome List

Layer 1 biomes:

  • Icy cave (Snowy taiga, Snowy Tundra, Snowy Beach)
  • Fern cave (Taiga, Mega taiga & variants)
  • Sand cave (Desert, Beach)
  • Red sand cave (Mesa biome & variants)
  • Swamp cave (Swamp)
  • Jungle cave (Jungle & variants)
  • Grassy cave (All other biomes)

 Layer 2 biomes:

  • Mushroom cave
  • Cobweb cave
  • Watery cave
  • Lava cave
  • Vine cave
  • Magma cave
  • Patchy obsidian cave
  • Fully obsidian cave
  • Andesite cave
  • Diorite cave
  • Granite cave
  • Cobblestone cave
  • Magma cave
  • Gravel cave
  • Coal ore cave
  • Iron ore cave
  • Gold ore cave
  • Redstone ore cave
  • Lapis ore cave
  • Diamond ore cave


Want Alpha builds?
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Mod compatibility

This mod is compatible with Yung's better caves! You'll need to set the "generateLocalWaterLevels" in cave biomes' config to false to prevent weird water generation, however.


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