FancyMenu [Fabric]

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- Konkrete
- Fabric API
Load My Resources (optional, but needed for animations)


The Forge version of FancyMenu can be downloaded *here*!


FancyMenu is a client-side Minecraft mod to customize ingame menus and the first mod ever with a fully functional ingame menu editor GUI to edit your menu screens without leaving the game!

A special thing about FancyMenu is, that it's not limited to the basic minecraft menus like the options or inventory menu.
With FancyMenu, you can customize nearly every default-looking menu in the game. Even menus from other mods!

Some of its key features are:

- Hide, move, resize and rename buttons
- Change button textures
- Auto-click buttons
- Create buttons to open links, send messages and much more
- Add lines of text to menu screens and format them
- Animate the background of menus
- Add textures and animations to menus
- Add web text and images by URL to dynamically change its content
- Add audio to menus and animations
- Play animations as game intro before the main menu loads




Getting Started

FancyMenu has a lot of features and I really recommend you to read the wiki to fully understand it, but there's also a video series about how to use the mod. It's still useful to read the wiki, but I think watching a video can be easier for some people, so here you go!


FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the common problems with FancyMenu can be solved by taking a quick look at the FAQ!

Bug Reports and Requests

You can report bugs and request features either on GitHub or via Discord!

FancyMenu in Modpacks

FancyMenu can be freely used in modpacks.

Special Thanks

To my patrons:
- OtakuGamer
- Kreezxil
- q!!!
- Jolihan

And other great people:
- Vetrix - For the Polish translation
- rickyybrez - For the Brazilian Portuguese translation


FancyMenu Copyright © 2020-2022 Keksuccino.
FancyMenu is licensed under DSMSL (DON'T SNATCH MA STUFF LICENSE).
See "Custom License" in the "About Project" section for more information about this license.

Minecraft Cave Animation Copyright © Mojang AB.

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