Immersive Portals

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 This is Immersive Portals Mod for Fabric.

The experimental Forge version:


Vanilla nether portals are just purple blocks. And there is a loading screen when you travel between nether and overworld.

This mod enhances portals. Now you can see through portals. To go to nether, you just need to walk in:

The travel is seamless. Without loading screen.


You can see portals inside portals.





Compatible with most OptiFine shaders.

If the picture shakes, turn off Temporal Anti-aliasing (TAA) in the shader option.

If it's blurry, turn off Motion Blur in the shader option.


 Nether portal can also be horizontal. Nether portals can be in any shape.


 Also supports end portal.




This mod is based on Fabric API (not forge).

How to install fabric:

IMPORTANT: This mod depends on a mod called "Fabric API":

(Fabric API is not Fabric loader)


How to install OptiFine with Fabric:


If you find a bug of this mod, don't hesitate to report it to

If it crashes, show the crash report and the log.


Other Features:


Use flint and steel to right-click on a glass wall. Then it will generate a mirror. Mirrors can be horizontal.




-World Wrapping

Use portals to wrap an area of the world. When you go to the right side then you appear on the left side. It is an invisible boundary.

Use command /portal border_set <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> to create a world wrapping border

Use /portal border_remove to remove the border



It would be very laggy. It renders too many portals inside portals. To make it not that lag you can limit the max portal rendering layer:

/immersive_portals_debug set_max_portal_layer 2


-Vertical Dimension Connection

/portal connect_floor minecraft:the_end minecraft:overworld

With this you will return to the overworld when dropping into the void in end.



This connection is one-way. If you want to make it bi-way, use

/portal connect_ceil minecraft:overworld minecraft:the_end

Then you can see end above overworld


Wrap the end dimension vertically:

/portal connect_floor minecraft:the_end minecraft:the_end

/portal connect_ceil minecraft:the_end minecraft:the_end


This mod provides another dimension: immersive_portals:alternate1

This dimension is similar to overworld. Its world generation type is buffet, but the biome is randomly selected every time the server starts.

You can put this dimension above overworld:

/portal connect_floor immersive_portals:alternate1 minecraft:overworld

/portal connect_ceil minecraft:overworld immersive_portals:alternate1


Remove Connection:

/portal connection_remove_floor <dimension>

/portal connection_remove_ceil <dimension>


 -Customize your portals

This mod provides some utility commands to modify portal data.

You need to point to a portal when using these commands.

Make a nether portal unbreakable, so that you can break obsidian blocks without breaking the portal: /portal set_portal_nbt {unbreakable:1b}

Change the portal's destination: /portal set_portal_destination minecraft:the_end 0 70 0

Make the portal not able to teleport. Turn it into a video surveillance /portal set_portal_nbt {teleportable:0b}

Change the shape of the portal: /portal set_portal_nbt {specialShape:[0d,0d,0d,1d,1d,0d]}

(every 6 numbers represent a triangle, a triangle consists of 3 2d coordinates)

View a portal's data: /portal view_portal_data

Move a portal: /portal set_portal_custom_name "whatever"    /tp @e[name="whatever"] @p

Delete a portal: /portal delete_portal

Turn a one-way portal to two-way portal: /portal complete_bi_way_portal

Turn a one-way portal to two-way two-faced portal: /portal complete_bi_way_bi_faced_portal

Make two-way or two-faced portal become one-way and one-faced: /portal remove_connected_portals

Teleport yourself across dimensions without loading screen: /portal tpme minecraft:the_nether 100 128 100


If you install OptiFine, the smooth world option must be disabled or the entities in remote dimensions will vanish or froze.


How to have better FPS when viewing portal in 1.15?

Turn your graphic option from "fancy" to "fast", then it will render fewer chunks in portals, thus improve FPS.


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