Tree Harvester (Fabric)

33,604 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021 Game Version: 1.18


Requires the library mod Collective (Fabric) and the Fabric API.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Tree Harvester is a configurable mod which allows harvesting trees instantly by chopping down one log and automatically replace the sapling. The sapling is placed from what the tree drops. By default the harvesting only works when holding the sneak button, but this can be toggled in the config. Works for the warped trees in the nether and modded trees as well.

By default the leaves will decay very quickly, but not instant. The sapling will be replaced after the last leaves block has disappeared.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
replaceSaplingIfBottomLogIsBroken (default = true): If enabled, automatically replaces the sapling from the drops when the bottom log is broken.
mustHoldAxeForTreeHarvest (default = true): If enabled, tree harvesting only works when a player is holding an axe in the main hand.
treeHarvestWithoutSneak (default = false): If enabled, tree harvesting works when not holding the sneak button. If disabled it's reversed, and only works when sneaking.

instantBreakLeavesAround (default = false): If enabled, players instantly break the leaves as well as all logs of the tree when a bottom log is broken.
enableFastLeafDecay (default = true): If enabled, the leaves around a broken tree will quickly disappear. Only works with 'instantBreakLeavesAround' disabled.
enableNetherTrees (default = true): If enabled, the warped stem/crimson trees in the nether will also be chopped down quickly.
automaticallyFindBottomBlock (default = true): Whether the mod should attempt to find the actual bottom log of the tree and start there. This means you can break a tree in the middle and it will still completely be felled.

loseDurabilityPerHarvestedLog (default = true): If enabled, for every log harvested, the axe held loses durability.
loseDurabilityModifier (default = 1.0, min 0.01, max 1.0): Here you can set how much durability chopping down a tree should take from the axe. For example if set to 0.1, this means that every 10 logs take 1 durability.
increaseExhaustionPerHarvestedLog (default = true): If enabled, players' exhaustion level increases 0.005 per harvested log (Minecraft's default per broken block) * increaseExhaustionModifier.
increaseExhaustionModifier (default = 1.0, min 0.01, max 1.0): This determines how much exhaustion should be added to the player per harvested log. By default 0.005 * 1.0.

With fast leaf decay functionality. The sapling gets replaced after the last leaf block has been broken:

The effect in action, with 'instantBreakLeavesAround ' enabled: