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Tom's Simple Storage Mod (Fabric)

Tom's Simple Storage Mod


This is the Fabric version of the mod, if you are looking for the Forge version: Link to Project

Requires Fabric API
On Fabric Indium is required if you have Sodium installed!
Simple vanilla style storage mod.

  • Storage & Crafting Terminal
  • Inventory Connector
  • Open Crate
  • Wireless terminal
  • Filtered connectors
  • Inventory Hopper

Mod Spotlights:

Downloads per Minecraft and Loader version:

1.19.4 Forge, Fabric
1.19.3 Forge, Fabric
1.19.2 Forge, Fabric
1.18.2 Forge, Fabric
1.17.1 Forge, Fabric
1.16.5 Forge, Fabric
1.15.2 Forge