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Adds item pipes to fabric!

Get a nice interior view of the items as they travel through the pipes! Toggle between sending its to the closest container and a round robin mode between all containers! Use the power of whitelists and blacklists to filter the items you want to send!


Need to disconnect adjacent pipes and servos? Use the handy dandy wrench to do all that and more!


This mod can be used in any Curseforge modpack! You may not repost it outside of Curseforge modpacks, but feel free to use it as you wish for personal use and in media including Twitch and YouTube videos.




Why choose Pipe:

Pipe is the only forge-style complete pipe mod for Minecraft on Fabric. Pipe features full animations, servos, filters, fast and slow pipes, and all the other features you've been craving from forge. Through a series of optimizations and bug fixes, Pipe is performant and compatible with many other mods, giving the full experience you need.


Instant pipes making you gripe? Choose pipe!