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This project aims to reimplement the Bukkit plugin Essentials As a server-side fabric mod. Further plans are to integrate a permission system, protection, shops, etc. to turn this into a very useful server tool.


Current features:

  • PostgreSQL/SQLite used for data storage to allow outside programs to use it
  • Fully configurable message formats

Current commands:

  • Currency
    • /bal Get your current balance
    • /baltop Get the top 10 players with highest balance
    • /pay Send money to a user
    • /adminpay Add money to a user
    • /setbalance Set a users balance
  • TP
    • /home Teleport to a home
    • /warp Teleport to a warp
    • /tpa Request to teleport to someone
    • /rtp Randomly teleport somewhere
    • /spawn Teleport to the world spawn
    • /back Teleport back to the position you were last
  • Misc
    • /god Toggle godmode
    • /fly Toggle flight
    • /tps Get server tps
  • Chat
    • /clear Clear your chat
    • /nick (WIP) Set a nickname
  • Vaults
    • /pv playervaults


  1. 1. Configure a PostgreSQL server (optional, use sqlite to avoid this)
  2. 2. Move the mod to the mods folder
  3. 3. Run the server (with fabric installed) to generate the configs
  4. 4. Edit the configs


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