Custom Stars [Fabric]

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Custom Stars -- Configurable Star Size and Counts


Fabric API and Cloth Config are required!


This is a simple client-side Fabric mod that allows you to configure the size, number, and overall color of stars in the night sky.  There are also some End Sky options.

Made as a companion mod to my old world gen mod, Modern Beta, you can use this to restore the original pre-1.3.1 stars!






You can configure Custom Stars through Mod Menu (recommended) or in the config/customstars.json file.

The current options are:


Star Size/Count

  • Base Size (default: 0.15): Base star size.
  • Max Star Size Multiplier (default: 0.1): Multiplier for maximum star size.  Higher values will increase maximum star size. Setting to 0 will make all stars the size of base_size.
  • Star Count (default: 1500): Number of stars to render.
  • Star Brightness (default: 1.0): Overall brightness of stars.


Star Noise

  • Star Noise (default: false): Enable/disable rendering stars with a noisemap.
  • Star Noise Seed (default: 10842): Seed for star noise sampler.
  • Star Noise Threshold (default: 0.5): Noise threshold for star placement. Higher values mean stars will be grouped in smaller areas.
  • Star Noise Percentage (default: 50): Percentage of stars distributed using noise vs. having vanilla randomized positions.


Star Color

  • Star Color Type (default: SINGLE): Color type of stars, either SINGLE (Single star color), RANDOM (Randomly generated star colors), or CUSTOM (Randomly picked star colors from a custom list).
  • Single Star Color: RGBA color values for SINGLE star color type.
  • Custom Star Colors: List of RGBA color values for CUSTOM star color type. Can be modified in Mod Menu or in the config file.



    • Moon Deadzone (default: false): Prevent stars from rendering on the moon texture.
    • Moon Deadzone Shape (default: SQUARE): Shape of the moon deadzone, either SQUARE or CIRCLE.
    • Moon Deadzone Size (default: 5.0): Size of moon deadzone.

    Night Sky Color

    • Red (default: 0): Red color component of night sky, range 0-255.
    • Green (default: 0): Green color component of night sky, range 0-255.
    • Blue (default: 0): Blue color component of night sky, range 0-255.


End Sky

  • Size Multiplier (default: 1.0): Multiplier for end sky texture size, range 0.0-1.0.
  • Red (default: 40): Red color component of end sky, range 0-255.
  • Green (default: 40): Green color component of end sky, range 0-255.
  • Blue (default: 40): Blue color component of end sky, range 0-255.
  • Alpha (default: 1.0): Multiplier for end sky brightness.


For classic pre-1.3.1 stars, use the following values:

  • Base Size: 0.25
  • Max Star Size Multiplier: 0.25
  • All other options should be left at default.






  • Thanks to egeesin for providing Turkish translations.
  • Thanks to Francy-chan for updating to 1.18.2.



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