Sulfur And Potassium - More Gunpowder

71,643 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4

Latest Mod version [2.3.0] changelog:

+ Added Ore Generation config (located in /.minecraft/config/sulfurpotassiummod-common.toml)

* Fixed sulfur and potassium not spawning in certain biomes such as desert and savannah and a few more



Sulfur and Potassium - More Gunpowder


This mod adds two new blocks to Minecraft: Sulfur Ore and Potassium Ore.


It is meant to be a vanilla friendly way to craft more gunpowder.


  • Sulfur drops raw sulfur. It can be found in both overworld and nether. It has a higher spawn rate in the nether.


  • Potassium drops blocks, just like iron, and can be smelted into raw potassium. It can only be found in the overworld


  • With raw sulfur and potassium can you can then make gunpowder!


Feel free to use it any mod pack, not guaranteed compatibility with all mods


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