Building Wands

Building Wands Mod for fabric/forge/quilt.

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If the preview doesn't show when using shaders, set "render_last" to true


Directional mode

Single block placement in 9 directions from a block. Directional Mode

Row/Column mode

Multiple blocks at once in a row or column, press x to change orientation Row/Col Mode

Fill mode

Fill between 2 corners, same block, or random Row/Col Mode

###Area mode Fill connected blocks Area Mode

Grid mode

Fixed 2d grid, use arrow keys or gui to change size.

Line Mode:

Line from block to block. Line Mode

Circle Mode:

Circle from center block to radius block. (v2 press k to change to filled circle) Circle Mode

Copy mode:

Copy between corners.

Paste mode:

Paste previously copied blocks, press R to cycle rotation on Y axis by 90 degrees increments.

Blast mode:

Destroy blocks with an explosion, in survival the player needs tnt in the inventory.


On survival, blocks are consumed from shulkerboxes first.

###Destroy Blocks

Blocks can be destroyed if there's a tool inside the wand, place it via the wand's menu.

In creative any tool works.

In survival the tool has to be suitable for the block. e.g. Axe for logs, wood, pickaxe for stone, etc.

Levels of wands:

Configurable in wands.json

  • Stone wand: 16 block limit.
  • Iron wand: 32 block limit.
  • Diamond wand: 64 block limit.
  • Netherite wand: 256 block limit.


Cconsume xp to place blocks. To enable change config file wands.json

"blocks_per_xp": 0      to disable xp consumption.  "blocks_per_xp": 2      will allow to place 2 blocks per xp point. "blocks_per_xp":0.5    would mean 2 xp cost per block

Fabric dependencies:

Fabric API Architectury Fabric Cloth Config Fabric Fabric version should work on quilt.

Forge dependencies:

Architectury Forge Cloth Config Forge  optional ModMenu

Any feedback is welcomed, please report any issues to me.