Building Wands

111,207 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 6, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Building Wands mod for fabric/forge.

mode 0: single block placement in 9 directions from a block.

 mode 1: multiple blocks at once in a row or column


mode 2: fill between 2 corners, (same block, or random)



mode 3: fill connected blocks



Mode 4: Line from block to block.


Mode 5: Circle from center block to radius block.


  v ->change mode

  i -> inverts direction (opposite, mode 1 only)
  x -> change between row or column, or plane for circle (xz, xy, yz)

  r -> cycle  randomize/round-robin/same using blocks in inventory or shulker

  u-> undo/redo , shift to redo, alt to undo/redo by 10 blocks.



Blocks now can be consumed from a shulker box in the offhand


Destroy Blocks

Blocks can't now be destroyed if there's a tool in the offhand.

In creative any tool works.

In survival the tool has to be suitable for the block. e.g. Axe for logs, wood, pickaxe for stone, etc.

If configured, destroyed blocks drop their item in survival if the tool in the offhand has silk touch or fortune III, otherwise they're lost.


Right click on the air to reset wand and display mode info

Levels of wands: (configurable in wands.json)
  Stone wand: 9 block limit.
  Iron wand: 25 block limit.
  Diamond wand: 49 block limit.
  Netherite wand: 81 block limit.


Optional: consume xp to place blocks. To enable change config file wands.json,

"blocks_per_xp": 0      to disable xp consumption. 

"blocks_per_xp": 2      will allow to place 2 blocks per xp point.

"blocks_per_xp":0.5    would mean 2 xp cost per block


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