Building Wands

61,167 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 25, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Building Wands mod for fabric/forge.

mode 1: single block placement in 9 directions from a block.

 mode 2: multiple blocks at once in a row or column


mode 3: fill between 2 corners, (same block, or random)



mode4: fill connected blocks


  v ->change mode

  i -> inverts direction (opposite, mode 1 only)
  x -> change between row or column

  r -> toggle randomize using blocks in inventory

Levels of wands: (configurable in wands.json)
  Stone wand: 9 block limit.
  Iron wand: 25 block limit.
  Diamond wand: 49 block limit.
  Netherite wand: 81 block limit.


Optional: consume xp to place blocks. To enable change config file wands.json,

"blocks_per_xp": 0      to disable xp consumption. 

"blocks_per_xp": 2      will allow to place 2 blocks per xp point.

"blocks_per_xp":0.5    would mean 2 xp cost per block


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