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Automatic Path


Little Minecraft fabric mod. Which transforms grass into non-permanent path where players, mobs and monsters walk.

Fabric Loader
Fabric API needed

Path Creation

Path creation by mobs is disable by default.

There is an option if you want for paths to be permanent. At the maximum state if you walk 12 times on a state 5 block it will become permanent. You can change this amount .


Path Block


Replace grass where you walk the most ! You can plant sugar cane, sapling, grass, flower, on the path but only if it is grassier enough. And also transform them into farmland by using a hoe.

Lawn Block

Lawn Block

Craft a beautiful lawn with :
- 1 dirt + 1 bone meals to get 1 lawn block.
- 1 grass block + 1 bone meals to get 4 lawn block.

The lawn block is 100% walk-proof and never transform into path. And no matter which biome you are it will keep its beautiful green color ! And sheeps can never run out of grass with it !


You can change the amount of times between 2 states.
Enable path creation by mobs. Enable permanent path.
Enable permanent path to turn into vanilla dirt path block.

  • You can do in-game via ModMenu.
  • Or for server and client whitout ModMenu you can configure it directly in the file whit is config/autopath.json


Screen 1 Creates path for the player...

Screen 2 ...but also for mobs/monsters ! (You need to enable it in the mod option)