Just Map

66,570 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 4, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

Here's a minimap/informational mod for Minecraft 1.15.2+ with Fabric.



Advanced Info:


Round map:

Caves and Nether render:


Map scaling:

3D entities radar (reduces FPS, disabled by default):


Waypoints with ingame rendering:

Moved status effects icons with timers:


Map orientation by the player's view direction:

Customizable map position:



All features are configurable and can be disabled. Mod supports Mod Menu ingame config.

Map has changable skins (special thanks paulevs for several of these).

You can add your own Map Skins or Mob Icons. Look mod wiki for details.

Now avaliable map version with all features (entities radar and caves mapping) unlocked.
Looks for "Just Map Unlimited" for the 'unlimited' version.


By default on the dedicated servers disabled Caves maps and Entities radar.

It can be enabled via send to players a system (from the server) message with color codes (accepts '§', '&' or '$' symbols):

* §0§0: prefix
* §f§f: suffix
* §a: cave mapping
* §b: entities radar (all)
* §c: entities radar (player)
* §d: entities radar (animal)
* §e: entities radar (mob)
* §s: slime chunks
* §t: teleportation
* §1: enable
* §0: disable


§0§0§a§1§b§1§f§f //Enable Cave mapping and entities radar


Translated to: Chinese Simplified (100%), Chinese Traditional (100%), Russian (100%), Estonian (100%), French (100%), Czech (81%), Italian (66%), Turkish (92%), Santali (71%), German (62%), Spanish (33%).


You can help to translate the mod with Crowdin: https://crowdin.com/project/justmap


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