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What is this pack about?

It's beyond the End of the World. The one true GOD returned and decided this time no one was worthy and that he didn't even have time to burn you in a lake of fire! Instead you recall him saying as he took the Earth away from you, "You think you are better than me? Let's see what you can create from nothing!". Apparently, whether you agree or not, the task is up to you.


ServerPack available at https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/skyblock-godless/files 

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Single Player World

  1. Create New World
  2. Name your world
  3. Choose More World Options
  4. Leave seed blank as it will not matter
  5. Generate Stuctures: off
  6. World Type: Sky Island
  7. Allow Cheats: on  (because there will be no admin to help you)
  8. Bonus Chest: off/on (your choice)
  9. Don't hit done, just hit "Create New World"
  10. Good Luck!

Multiplayer World

Choose the production server. You will appear on an indestructable platform with signs all around you explaining what to do.


  1. type /island and hit enter (even if singleplayer do this)
  2. That grass, it's your friend don't dig it all up.
  3. You will have on you a stack of bonemeal and some saplings.
  4. Plant 1 sapling and bonemeal it.
  5. When the tree appears, hold the tilde key (below the ESC key) while punching the tree!
  6. rinse and repeat until you can expand your base, remember to torch it up so mobs don't spawn on it.
  7. Build out more than 35 blocks and build any kind of mob farm.
  8. now follow either the Sky Resources way or the Parachronology way to progress or any combination of the two.
  9. Once you have acquired lava and water, build a cobble gen or stone gen if you know how. Apply a redstone signal to the point where the blocks will be generated. They will turn into ore from the various mods. You can automate this with the various block breakers in the pack.
  10. When you need even more access to resources, build a cavern portal and go to the cavern of your choice. Every ore you couldn't get in void worlds will be available to you there.

Start Book

Yes, it has one. :) 


  • Add custom advancements to act as a questing medium (I've already talked to BlayTheNinth [Doesn't mean he'll do it, so if you want to make a mod for this, let me know])


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