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Spiritual succesor to my 1.12.2 modpack:

Inanis 2 is a modpack that will eventually focus on completing quests to achieve rewards. You spawn in a sky world and need to build everything from nothing.

The word inanis is derived from the Latin word for "void." Your goal is to create a world from the void that you are given.

This modpack is designed to be played in the "Garden of Glass" world type, but can also work in the "Default" one.

The modpack currently has no quests, but these will be added in future updates. The modpack is still playable without quests!

To download, please install the Curseforge app, search for "Inanis 2" and click Install.

Feel free to leave comments of feedback, questions, concerns, or bugs. Thanks for downloading!

 *If you wish to stream or post a video using this modpack, please link to the original project page*



Mod List: