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Another Furniture


Decorating your home just got better! Another Furniture adds various furniture, with the goal of staying vanilla-styled and consistently sized, keeping normal blocks and player sizes in mind.

đź“ť Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack or make videos about it?
A: Yes! Feel free to include Another Furniture in your modpack or make videos about it. Just make sure to give credit, and don't claim Another Furniture as your own creation.

Q: Will you backport to 1.16.5 or other previous versions?

A: Backports are not planned. The earliest version this mod will support is 1.18.2.

Q: Will you update to 1.19.3 or 1.19.4?

A: We are currently waiting until 1.20. Until then, we will stay on 1.19.2.

Q: Will you be adding furniture compatibility for other wood types?

A: Download Every Compat, which already does this for Another Furniture, as well as other popular mods that add wooden blocks.