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Fill your base with ambiance! Chimes is now available for both Forge and Fabric!

Our chime variants.

Bring the sound of Chimes into your Minecraft world!

This mod adds Wind Chimes that can be hung from supporting blocks. Wind Chimes produce ambient chiming sounds and prevent Phantoms from approaching nearby players. Use Chimes for your building and adventuring pleasures!



 Wind Chime Blocks & Crafting:

There are five types of Wind Chimes that are available as of now (with more to come in the future!):


-Bamboo Wind Chimes

Produces ambient Bamboo clacking sounds along with falling bamboo leaf particles. Crouching when placing a Bamboo Wind Chime will change the direction bamboo leaves sway. 

Crafted with 1 Wooden Slab, 1 String, and 1 Bamboo. 


-Iron Wind Chimes

These wind chimes produce metallic chiming sounds.

Crafted with 1 Wooden Slab, 1 Chain, and 1 Iron Ingot


-Copper Wind Chimes

A larger-sized Wind Chime with copper chiming sounds. Can be obtained through the creative inventory in versions prior to 1.17.

Can be crafted with a wooden slab, string, and a copper ingot


-Carved Bamboo Wind Chimes

Compared to Bamboo, these wind chimes have lower-pitched chiming sounds and do not produce falling bamboo leaves.

Obtainable by carving a Bamboo Wind Chime with an axe.


-Amethyst Crystal Wind Chimes

A smaller wind chime that produces amethyst shimmering sounds! +They emit light and cannot be tied. +Can be obtained through the creative inventory in versions prior to 1.17.

Can be crafted with an iron ingot, string, and an amethyst shard.




Keep Phantoms away / Tying Wind Chimes:

Phantoms do not approach/attack players who are near chiming wind chimes. You can tie/untie a wind chime by crouch + right-clicking the block with an empty hand. Tied Wind Chimes reduce chiming sounds and movement of a Wind Chime, along with allowing Phantoms to approach once again.



Wind Chime Animations:

Wind Chime animations are on by default. Animations can be toggled on/off by using the Forge config menu accessible through the title screen (Forge 1.16.5 only)  


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