Ceramic Bucket

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Ceramic Bucket

 This is a Minecraft Forge mod which adds a Ceramic Bucket to the game. So it is possible to craft a bucket out of clay.

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Adds 2 items to the game:

  • Unfired Clay Bucket: Craftable with three clay balls.
  • Ceramic Bucket: Craftable in furnace with an Unfired Clay Bucket.


The Ceramic Bucket acts like a normal bucket and can contain water, lava, milk and fishes as well as all mod fluids and some mod enitities.

The only difference is, if the bucket contains hot fluids (like lava) with a temperature of 1000 (configurable) or higher, it melts as soon as you empty it.


All Ceramic Bucket variants can be dyed like leather armor.

Ceramic Buckets with different colors


All mod fluids and gases are supported since mod version 2.0.0.

All milk fluids are supported if they have the fluid tag "forge:milk".

If there are any problems, please contact me here in the comments or with a Github Issue.


There is also a wiki where you can read all details about the mod.



Can I use this mod in my mod pack?
Yes, you are allowed to use this mod in your mod packs

Port to Minecraft 1.12?
Sorry, but I do not port any mod to 1.12. This version is way too old and is not supported by Forge anymore.

Is there a Fabric version?
A version for Fabric is not planned. But please check out this mod: Early-Game Buckets (Fabric)

Where is the config file? 
There is a defaultconfig directory, where you can find it. If you change something there it has only an effect on new savegames. For existing savegames you need to go to the config directory of the savegame. 

I found a bug or I have a good idea to enhance this mod!
Very good! Open an issue at Github. You have no Github-Account? You can also contact me here in the comments or via private message.


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