Quality Of Life (QOL)

19,484 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

**REQUIRES TWITCH APP LAUNCHER TO PLAY** https://www.twitch.tv/downloads


Quality Of Life (QOL) is a cutting edge Modpack for Minecraft that contains a wide range of mods and resource packs to help improve the overall playability of Minecraft without taking away from the vanilla experience. This modpack contains assets that will improve the Sounds, Visuals, HUDs, Menus, Textures, Models, Effects, Mechanics, Gameplay tweaks and more. This modpack should be compatible with almost any vanilla Minecraft server of the same / similar version.




Advanced Skin Customization (Forge) AI Improvements [DISABLED] Ama's Damage Indicator
Ambient Environment AmbientSounds 3 Anvil Tweaks
AppleSkin AttributeFix Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded
Better Advancements Better Animal Models Better Animations Collection 2
Better Title Screen CleanView Clumps
Coloured Tooltips Controllable Controlling
Crafting Tweaks CraftPresence Custom Selection Box Port
CustomSkinLoader Default Options [DISABLED] DefaultSettings [DISABLED]
Discord Integration Durability Notifier Durability101
Elrol's Server Utilities Enchantment Descriptions Enemyz
Equipment Tooltips Fast Leaf Decay FastFurnace
FastWorkbench FreeLook FTB Utilities: Backups
GamemodeOverhaul Global Settings [DISABLED] HCMC100
Hwyla Inventory Sorter Inventory Spam
ItemDespawnCanseler Items Don't Break! Just Enough Items (JEI)
Light Level Overlay Reloaded MCStats - Twitch Integration Minecraft2Discord
MineMenu MoreCrashInfo Mouse Tweaks
Music Player NBT Tooltips [DISABLED] NBTEdit
Neat NoCubes [DISABLED] OfflineSkins
Particle Fixes Ping Placebo
Public Gui Announcement Quick Leaf Decay QuickHomes
QuickTeleports [DISABLED] RandomPatches RealisticUlities
Reap Mod Server Tab Info Shoulder Surfing Reloaded
Shulker Tooltip Simple Discord Rich Presence SimpleHarvest
SimpleZoom Smooth Scrolling Everywhere (Forge) Sound Device Options
Steelseries Gamesense [DISABLED] SwingThroughGrass Tag Tooltip [DISABLED]
TE Render Distance Options The One Probe The Warp Mod
Toast Control Tool Helper Torch Optimizer
Trample Stopper Tree Choppin [FORGE] TwitchSpawn
U Team Core VoxelMap World Handler - Command GUI
Xaero's Minimap [DISABLED] Xaero's World Map [DISABLED]  




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