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Supports 1.13-1.20.1

(1.12 support is in beta)

Classic 3D is a resource pack that turns the default models into more complex and detailed blocks, while still looking like Minecraft.

 Credit: Falcon's Rock

Credit: Falcon's Rock



Classic 3D Official Variants:



To report a bug or give feedback, go here:

Classic 3D's Github


To get news and updates about the Classic 3D, go here:

Classic 3D's Twitter

Classic 3D's Tumblr


If you have a suggestion or technical problem then go to the issues page on GitHub.



Some textures by:



Created by:

Ryan (ThePinkHacker)


Built using

Resource Pack Packer


Models created with:



The only official download websites for Classic 3D are Modrinth, CurseForge, and Planet Minecraft. Don't download Classic 3D from any other website.


This resource pack works best with Sodium. This dramatically improves the frame rate with complex large areas like the nether.