Inventory Profiles

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Inventory Profiles is a client side mod that helps you organize and sort your inventory or chests. Multiplayer is supported and no any mods is required for the server.


Starting from v0.2.0, the malilib mod is no longer needed for this mod.


For forge version, forge 28.2.0+ is suggested.


Press R + C to open in-game config menu. Press R in the inventory screen to sort your items.


Both fabric and forge versions are available.


To add a custom rule, see: https://github.com/jsnimda/Inventory-Profiles/wiki/Add-a-Custom-Rule


For fabric version, Fabric API is required for language to be displayed correctly https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-api





Planned v0.1.0 Functionality
> ✔ Sort Inventory, Sort Inventory by groups in columns, Sort Inventory by grounps in rows
✔ Configable click interval for sorting (set intervalBetweenClicksMs to 67ms then you can use this mod on NoCheatPlus ot inventory.fastclick disabled server!)
> ✔ Move matching items from the inventory to the chest
> ✔ Combat/Building Tweaks! (Fabric version is recommended if you need this function. All tweaks are implemented in fabric version but only some of them are implemented in forge version.)
> Profiles Switching (not yet)


Main Configable settings
> Generic hotkeys
addIntervalBetweenClicks - Adds some interval between clicks while sorting
showInventoryButtonTooltips - Display tooltips when cursor hover the buttons on GUI
inventoryShowSortButtons - Show sort buttons on GUI
> [Tweaks] instantMiningCooldown - Adds breaking delay to the blocks that you can instantly mine
[Tweaks] preventCloseGuiDropItem - Closing GUI will no longer drop the item that holding by the cursor
[Tweaks] disableLavaFog - Allows you to have a clearer view underneath lava


The malilib library mod for older versions:

(0.10.0-dev.20 for fabric / 0.10.0-dev.19 for forge):


For malilib 1.15+ or snapshot versions: