Music Duration Reducer

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Music Duration Reducer, hearing more of the amazing OST!


This mod can do one simple thing, make music play more often in Minecraft! This mod can also change the pitch of music randomly. These settings are turned off by default but they are in the experimental section of the config.


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You can configure the options in your config folder, under 'musicdr.json'. Or, with Modmenu. For forge, its 'musicdr-client.toml'.

You can change the min and max delays, or choose to divide the delays instead of setting your own. You can also toy around with the experimental settings and mess with pitch. How low and high it can randomly be, and how often it actually changes pitch.




There are two different versions, forge, and fabric. make sure you get the right version when downloading.




Will you move this to x.xx.xx version?


How do I play this mod, it won't load for me!

Make sure you either have forge or fabric depending on whatever one you're using. look it up if you're unsure what to do!


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