World Handler - Command GUI

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Important Note:

  1. Alpha builds contain substantial bugs and are not recommended to be downloaded

The World Handler provides a Graphical-User-Interface for commands allowing you to generate complex command-data without any knowledge of the NBT-Structures. It also displays information about the map you are playing on and provides compact tools and shortcuts for map making. It simplifies the vanilla functionalities of commands into one powerful Graphical-User-Interface

  • Ingame interface for commands and map settings
  • Built-in 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 Resourcepack Icons
  • No troubleshooting due to Forge (or ModLoader if available)
  • Requires Forge (ModLoader for 1.6.2 or earlier)
Featured Client Commands Featured Server Commands
  • /advancement
  • /blockdata
  • /clear
  • /clone
  • /difficulty
  • /effect
  • /enchant
  • /fill
  • /gamemode
  • /gamerule
  • /give
  • /kill
  • /recipe
  • /scoreboard
  • /setworldspawn
  • /spawnpoint
  • /summon
  • /tag
  • /team
  • /time
  • /weather
  • /xp
  • /ban
  • /deop
  • /kick
  • /op
  • /pardon
  • /save-all
  • /save-off
  • /save-on
  • /whitelist


  1. Make sure Minecraft Forge is installed


  1. Run WorldHandler-[VERSION]-UNIVERSAL.jar
  2. Select your minecraft directory
  3. Click Install


  1. Navigate to "..\.minecraft\mods"
  2. Copy the WorldHandler-[VERSION]-UNIVERSAL.jar
  3. Follow the steps below

Launcher Settings

  1. Select Forge as your profile
  2. Launch Minecraft
  3. Join a world or server
  4. Press 'V' to open the World Handler


  1. Run and follow the installation instructions
  2. Run Minecraft
  3. Press 'V' to open the World Handler

Installation with ModLoader (1.6.2)

  1. Navigate to "..\.minecraft\mods"
  2. Copy all files of the World_Handler_GUI_[VERSION].zip into the 1.6.2ML.jar
  3. Run Minecraft

For version 1.9.4-3.4 or greater you can add a {LOCALE}.lang in


to implement your language

All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated.

  • Modpack creators are granted to redistribute this mod as long as they give credit to the original author
  • Spotlights of this mod are desired as long as the they link to the offical download page and do not directly link files

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