World Handler - Command GUI

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World Handler - Command GUI

The World Handler provides a simple and easy to use graphical user interface for commands. It lets you create powerful and complex sub-commands alongside NBT-structures within seconds.


  • GUI for commands
  • Client Commands: advancement, blockdata, clear, clone, difficulty, effect, enchant, fill, gamemode, gamerule, give, kill, recipe, scoreboard, setworldspawn, spawnpoint, summon, tag, team, time, trigger, weather, xp
  • Server Commands: ban, deop, kick, op, pardon, save-all, save-off, save-on, whitelist
  • World and player information
  • /wh for a simplified /fill and /clone
  • Expandable GUI with json files and child mods
  • Client-side only

World Handler Image


Download World Handler or build from source


  1. 1. Make sure Minecraft Forge is installed


  1. 1. Run "WorldHandler-[VERSION]-UNIVERSAL.jar"
  2. 2. Select your Minecraft directory
  3. 3. Click Install


  1. 1. Navigate to "..\.minecraft\mods"
  2. 2. Copy the "WorldHandler-[VERSION]-UNIVERSAL.jar"
  3. 3. Follow the steps below

Launcher Settings

  1. 1. Select Forge as your profile
  2. 2. Launch Minecraft
  3. 3. Join a world or server
  4. 4. Press "V" to open the World Handler


  1. ≥ 1.14.4: Manual: "..\.minecraft\config\worldhandler\worldhandler.toml"
  2. 1.13-1.14.4: Manual: "..\.minecraft\config\worldhandler.toml"
  3. 1.9-1.12: Ingame: Mods -> World Handler -> Config (Manual: "..\.minecraft\config\worldhandler.cfg")
  4. ≤ 1.8: Manual: "..\.minecraft\config\worldhandler\[CONFIG].cfg"

Installation with ModLoader (1.6.2)

  1. 1. Navigate to "..\.minecraft\mods"
  2. 2. Copy all files of the "World_Handler_GUI_[VERSION].zip" into the "1.6.2ML.jar"
  3. 3. Run Minecraft


The World Handler GUI can also be expanded with custom tabs configured with json and javascript files or as a separate child mod written in java. A description on how to implement a custom json and javascript file can be found here and an example child mod can be found here.


  1. Q: Is this client-side only ?
  2. A: Yes
  1. Q: Can you port this to fabric, liteloader, rift, etc ?
  2. A: No
  1. Q: Can i add this to my modpack ?
  2. A: Yes, as long as you give credit


Only the latest game version will be supported and updated with new features. If you have any other suggestions, bug reports or questions feel free to open an issue on GitHub.