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Presenting CraftPresence, a new way to Completely customize the way others see you play Minecraft via Discord's Rich Presence API & the JNA (Java Native Access) API!

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Besides having the Ability to Change your Discord Status from "Playing Minecraft", This Mod offers plenty of Customization options to specify entirely how others see you play. From Having Your Current Biome Show Up, To which Dimension you in, as well as which server your in, The Customization Possibilities are limitless, with the only real limit being how creative you customize your display.

Twitch // CursePack // MultiMC // MCUpdater // Technic Support

At this time, CraftPresence will detect whether your Launch Directory contains a valid Twitch Manifest (manifest.json), a MultiMC Instance (instance.cfg), a MCUpdater Instance (instance.json), or a Technic installedPacks File (installedPacks). If so, It'll put the Packs Name in your Display as well as Show it's Icon (when not in a server).

As an example, this is how the mod will convert the pack name to an iconKey:

All the Mods 3 >> allthemods3

(Note the above format only applies to Twitch & Technic Packs ; MultiMC natively has an Icon Key Property)


CraftPresence currently offers the following Commands:

(Commands must be prefixed by either /craftpresence or /cp)

(In v1.5.0 and Above, Commands are now Inputted via a new menu called "Commands" in the Config GUI)

  • /cp view - Help Command to display Commands available to view a variety of Display Data
  • /cp reload - Reloads Mod Data (In v1.4.8 and Above, this forces a Tick Event)
  • /cp reboot - Reboots RPC
  • /cp shutdown - Shutdown RPC (Can be turned on from /cp reboot)
  • /cp request - View Join Request Info
  • /cp view currentData - Displays in Text Form, your Current RPC Data
  • /cp view assets <large|small|all> - Displays all Asset IconKeys available to you
  • /cp view dimensions - Displays all Dimension Names available for use, if Showing Current Dimension is enabled
  • /cp view biomes - Displays all Biome Names available for use, if Showing Current Biome is enabled
  • /cp view servers - Displays all Server Addresses available for use, if Show Game State is enabled
  • /cp view guis - Displays all GUI Names available for use, if Per-GUI is Enabled
  • /cp view items - Displays all Item Names available for use, if Per-Item is Enabled
  • /cp <help|?> - Help Command to display the Above Commands and These Explanations


In some Configuration Areas, CraftPresence provides some Placeholders to make things easier:

(Placeholders are not Case-Sensitive, but should be entered lowercase to prevent issues recognizing them)

Main Menu Message Placeholders

  • &IGN& - Your Minecraft Username
  • &MODS& - The Amount of Mods currently in your Mods Folder

Biome Placeholders

  • &BIOME& - The Current Biome Name
  • &ID& - The Current Biome ID

Dimension Placeholders

  • &DIMENSION& - The Current Dimension Name
  • &ICON& - The Default Dimension Icon Name
  • &ID& - The Current Dimension ID

Server/LAN Message Placeholders

  • &IP& - The Current Server IP Address
  • &NAME& - The Current Server Name
  • &MOTD& - The Current Server MOTD (Message of The Day)
  • &ICON& - The Default Server Icon Name
  • &PLAYERS& - The Current Player Count (10 / 100 Players)
  • &IGN& - Your Minecraft Username
  • &TIME& - The Current World Time
  • &MODS& - The Amount of Mods currently in your Mods Folder

SinglePlayer Placeholders

  • &IGN& - Your Minecraft Username
  • &TIME& - The Current World Time
  • &MODS& - The Amount of Mods currently in your Mods Folder

GUI Placeholders

  • &GUI& - The Current GUI Name (Supports GUIContainers and GUIScreens)
  • &CLASS& - The Current GUI Class (Ex:
  • &SCREEN& - The Current GUI Screen Instance

Item/Entity Placeholders

  • &MAIN& - The Current Item your Main Hand is Holding
  • &OFFHAND& - The Current Item your Off Hand is Holding*
  • &HELMET& - The Current Helmet Armor Piece you have Equipped
  • &CHEST& - The Current Chest Armor Piece you have Equipped
  • &LEGS& - The Current Leggings Armor Piece you have Equipped
  • &BOOTS& - The Current Boots Armor Piece you have Equipped

Versions of CraftPresence

Beginning in v1.5.2, CraftPresence is now split into different editions, based on the Minecraft Version you use it in:

  • Legacy Version (Minecraft 1.2.5 and Below)
    • Server Support is unavailable in 1.2.5 and Below (Only SinglePlayer will work with showGameStatus Enabled)
    • Minecraft 1.1.0 and Below may not work on Forge, and may require a Modified Minecraft Jar with ModLoader + ModLoaderMP
    • Support for Issues related to Vanilla Code, Forge, or ModLoader is extremely Limited


Minecraft Object Obfuscation

Due to Obfuscation in Minecraft, some of Minecraft Objects such as GUIs, Dimensions, or Servers must be opened once in the session in order to be separately customized.

Discord TOS

As with other RPC Mods, this Mod uses your in-Game Data to send Display Information to a 3rd Party Service (In this Case, Discord).

The Terms of Service relating to Creating your own Discord ID can be found here


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