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About BetterSounds

This pack uses complex sound randomisation methods, as well as a huge number of new sounds, to improve the various soundscapes of Minecraft.

The sound files that make up BetterSounds are taken from my main project, Caelesti which is a completely custom texture pack featuring this same list of sounds.


List of Features

  • Improved weather using a huge list of randomised rain sound effects
  • Improved lightning sound effects
  • Improved thunder sounds with differing volume and duration
  • Improved beacon sound effect with custom shut off sound
  • Classic player hurt sounds rarely playing
  • Classic door sounds playing in place of the modern door sounds 50% of the time
  • Classic bow firing sound which is separated from the snowball, egg, and similar sound effects
  • Custom crossbow sound effect
  • Custom Enderman teleportation sound effects
  • Ghast sounds have been entirely reworked, with massive reverb to add to the ambience of the nether
  • Nether portals will rarely play a distant ghast sound effect, as if the sound has slipped through the portal
  • Nether portals now only broadcast their sound in an 8-block radius
  • Custom chainmail equip sound effect
  • Realistic sounds for the chicken
  • Realistic death sound for the pig
  • Realistic and creepy sounds for spiders
  • Custom arrow impact sound
  • More logical zombie conversion sound
  • Custom snow footstep sounds (the snow is crunchier)
  • Custom wood footstep sounds (the wood is clunkier)


More Info

All the sounds in this pack have been taken from other Minecraft projects run by Mojang themselves, created by myself, or taken from


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