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Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Game Rules

Adaptive Performance Tweaks is a collection of Minecraft Forge server-side Mod which automatically adjust specific settings on the server to allow a more balanced TPS/FPS. The goal of this mod is to allow a smoother experience on a server with several (=> 180) Mods.

⚠️Please make sure to create regular backup of your world in case something goes wrong.

🚀 Version 1.18.1 and higher 🛠️

The next-gen version of Adaptive Performance Tweaks is separated by functionally to allow an easier mix with other optimization mods. This mod includes the bundle version of all optimization.

🔭 Customized

If you want to pick and choose your optimization mod, take a look at the core page:

➡️ Install separate modules

🚀 Version 1.16.5 ⚠️

The next-gen version of Adaptive Performance Tweaks is only supporting 1.18.1 and higher.

The former 1.16.5 version will only be receiving maintaining updates and has some backported feature from the next-gen version. But there will be no other backports of features and you should switch to 1.18.1, to get the latest features.

➡️ 1.16.5 Documentation

🚀 Version 1.17.1 ❌

This version is deprecated and will no longer receive and updates of fixes. Use it on your own risk.

Version Status Overview 🛠️

| Version | Status | | -------------- | --------------------- | | Fabric Version | ❌ Not planned | | Forge 1.16.5 | ⚠️ Maintenance only | | Forge 1.17.1 | ⚠️ Deprecated | | Forge 1.18.1 | ✔️ Active development |


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