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Adaptive Performance Tweaks (Bundle)

Adaptive Performance Tweaks

Adaptive Performance Tweaks

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Adaptive Performance Tweaks is a collection of Minecraft Forge server-side Mod which automatically adjust specific settings on the server to allow a more balanced TPS/FPS. The goal of this mod is to allow a smoother experience on a server with several (=> 180) Mods.

⚠️Please make sure to create regular backup of your world in case something goes wrong.

🔭 Customized

If you want to pick and choose your optimization mod, take a look at the core page:

➡️ Install separate modules

Version and Status Overview 🛠️

🚀 Version 1.18.1 and higher 🛠️

The next-gen version of Adaptive Performance Tweaks is separated by functionally to allow an easier mix with other optimization mods. This mod includes the bundle version of all optimization modules.

Note: Please make sure that you are install all the modules separate in the case you are not using the CurseForge launcher.

The full list of included modules is available at the dependencies overview.

🚀 Version 1.16.5 ⚠️

The next-gen version of Adaptive Performance Tweaks is only supporting 1.18.1 and higher.

The former 1.16.5 version will only be receiving maintaining updates and has some backported feature from the next-gen version. But there will be no other backports of features and you should switch to 1.18.1, to get the latest features.

➡️ 1.16.5 Documentation

🚀 Version 1.17.1 ❌

This version is deprecated and will no longer receive and updates of fixes. Use it on your own risk.


Version Status
Fabric Version ❌ Not planned
Forge 1.16.5 ⚠️ Maintenance only
Forge 1.17.1 ⚠️ Deprecated
Forge 1.18.1 ⚠️ Maintenance only
Forge 1.18.2 ⚠️ Maintenance only
Forge 1.19 ✔️ Active development

🧪 Will you release a x.y version for this mod or are you planning to support other mod loader like fabric ?

I tried to update several version at the same time in the past, unfortunately this doesn't worked very great. It took me a loot of time for the conversion instead of spending my time in fixing existing bugs or implementing new features. For this reason I decided I will not downgrade my mods to any legacy versions or providing any release (maybe for testing) for a beta version of forge.

This means similar to Create and Mekansim, you need to wait until a new version is considered a "release" version. Former versions are handled by a best-effort base or if there are any critical bugs (please report them over the issue link).