Sky to Void

4,062 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 19, 2022 Game Version: 1.12.2   +1

Sky to Void is a map-based adventure modpack designed to focus on both skyblock and exploration.


Using your quest book, you'll have to bridge to islands, collect resources, trade with NPCs and complete specific tasks for them, fight custom enemies and bosses and much more! This is still a skyblock, so automation is recommended!


Bridge to islands... Any way to travel without so much running on 1 block wide lines?

Every island has a Traveling Rune. Finding the Rune will allow instant teleportation to any other rune! 


This modpack also focuses on completing a monument by finding wool, Inspired by the legacy map-based modpacks.

50+ islands to explore!
1000+ Quests in the Quest Book!
7 Wools to collect in the world

150+ Custom made NPCs, ranging from quest givers, traders, enemies and bosses!

140 Mods (see below for mod list)

A finale to the Custom Map



Want a dedicated server to play Sky to Void with your friends or anyone online?

Rent a server from BisectHosting & they'll set it up for you! Click on the picture and Use my promo code parade and get a 25% off your first month!

(Recommended: 4GB)



If you have any suggestions or bugs, grammar to report, please join my discord Here!




Mod List






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